14-day Money-back Guarantee

Did the goods your ordered not meet your expectations or are you dissatisfied with your purchase for whatever reason? It is possible of course, to return your goods within 14 days, without providing any explanation. Please note that returned goods should be both undamaged and unused. The customer will have to pay the shipping costs.


Failed Delivery Protection

We value our customers and strive to provide them with the best possible customer service. Therefore we offer you also a secure delivery. In case your order is lost or damaged, we will send you a new one free of charge, based on your original order. We make sure you are always satisfied with the ordered goods. The new order will be sent to you on an alternative date.


Warranty Not Limited by Mileage

A 12-month warranty is offered for car parts and is not limited by mileage. 


Check Parts by VIN Code

No one is born a master and therefore it is understandable that you may choose the wrong type of the injector. Inform us of your car’s VIN and we will be happy to check whether the fuel injectors are suitable for your needs or not. In the event that other injectors are purchased, the next step will be discussed. The customer can be refunded or, alternatively, the delivery of suitable fuel injectors arranged.


General Terms and Conditions

1) Introductory Provisions

a) Business Terms of Injectec, operator is a company INJECTEC Ltd, ID: 13106493 (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller") engaged in the sale of fuel injectors, regulate the contractual relationships, rights and obligations arising from the purchase contract concluded between the Seller and a physical person (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer") through the Internet store owned by the Seller, in agreement with the valid legal regulations of English law. The Online Store operated by the Seller is located at the online address: https://injectec.co.uk website (hereinafter referred to as the "Online Store"). 

b) The current Business Terms and Conditions do not apply to the conclusion of a purchase contract with a legal entity on the part of the Buyer or a person who enters an order in the course of his business or self-employment term.

c) As part of the sales contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer, it is possible to negotiate alterations of the business terms and conditions which override the current business conditions.

d) The sales contract, business conditions and information text regarding the protection of personal data are maintained in the English language. Business terms and information regarding the protection of personal data are part of a sales contract concluded between the Buyer and the Seller.

e) The Seller has the possibility to modify, change or update the Terms and Conditions and the information text on the protection of personal data. These measures are in no way prejudiced by the rights and obligations that arose from the effect of the previous version of the Terms and Conditions and the information text regarding the protection of personal data. The above-mentioned texts are placed on the Seller's website and are always available to the Buyer.


2) Closing the Purchase Agreement

a) The Online Store operated by the vendor includes an offer of fuel injectors containing a description and the purchase price. The above information is valid for the duration of the Online Store availability. The Online Store also contains information on the cost of delivering fuel injectors. The online shop injectec.co.uk is aimed at selling of refurbished and used fuel injectors.

b) The purchase agreement is concluded outside the tradesman's office through the Seller's website, where the Online Store is located.

c) In cases a purchase agreement is concluded at an international level between the Seller and the Buyer, the Buyer acknowledges that he/she bears the expenses associated with any customs clearance or other charges governed by the laws of the particular state.

d) The new fuel injection purchase agreement is concluded on the Seller's website by means of an order form which the Buyer is provided with, after inserting the selected product into a virtual shopping cart. This form must be completed by the Buyer. In addition to providing information about the ordered fuel injectors, payment and delivery methods, the form also contains the Buyer’s contact information, required in order to complete the order.

e) Before sending the order, the Buyer has the right to check and, if necessary, to modify or edit the data which he has entered. The order is sent by pressing the "send" button, which can be found below the order summary form.

f) There are two possible ways to order remanufacturing fuel injectors or, in other words, the injectors that will have undergone complete repairs such as will be replaced all the necessary parts or restoring the fuel injectors to their original, parameters of the new state.

- The first option (referred in Injector as a "I will send old injectors first") for the purchase of refurbishing of fuel injectors allows the possibility of sending original injectors in advance. In this case, there is no refundable deposit.

- The second variant (in Injector marked as "Refundable deposit included − with the refundable amount per piece") allows the purchase of refurbishing of fuel injectors, requiring the customer to keep his refurbished injectors, which means, for example, that he or she does not need to go back to the car repairer. In this case, Injector has a prepayment system of payment upon ordering. Customer acknowledges that remanufactured injectors can be cosmetic defects that does not prevent the use of the item.

The refundable deposit shall be returned to the customer within 3 days after delivery of the original injectors to the provided return address. The customer bears the responsibility of sending the original injectors within 14 days of delivery of the refurbished injectors and in a normal wear-and-tear condition. The customer acknowledges that a backup deposit shall not be refunded for injected, broken or dismantled injectors.

g) The order becomes binding for both the Seller and the Buyer when the Buyer sends an order via the order form and the Seller confirms the order. An acknowledgment of receipt and the processing of the order is sent to the Buyer via an e-mail message.

h) By sending the order form, the Buyer agrees to the Seller using e-mail to communicate and convey information to buyers.


3) Payment Terms

a) The Seller enables the Buyer to pay for the order, which also includes shipping costs, using several methods. The Buyer can decide which one of the offered variants is the most appropriate for him.

b) The payment methods which can be used to pay for the order through the Seller's internet shop include:

- Bank transfer

- Credit Cards

c) As soon as the price of the order including the cost of the transport is settled, the Seller shall issue a tax document to the Buyer.

d) Under the Sales Records Act, the Seller has the obligation of issuing a receipt to the Buyer. Simultaneously, he is required to register the received revenue with the tax administrator online or at latest within 48 hours in the event of a technical malfunctions.


4) Tax Liability

a) The prices of the individual fuel injectors are specified on the Seller's website as tax included. 

b) Prices for the goods are tax included. 

5) Withdrawal from the Contract

a) Withdrawal from the contract is following the current legal regulations in force on the territory of the Great Britain, mainly by selected provisions of the Civil Code.

b) The Buyer acknowledges that it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase agreement when the latter has been concluded with fully awareness of the fact that the selected goods were modified or otherwise altered according to the Buyer's requests.

c) The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 days from the date of received of the fuel injectors. This right does not apply to the case referred to in Article 4 (b).

- A withdrawal from the sales contract can be sent to the Seller via electronic communication (by e-mail).

- Resignation can also be sent in written form to the Seller’s address mentioned in the introduction to these General Terms and Conditions.

d) If the Buyer withdraws from the purchase contract, the contract is canceled. The Buyer is therefore obliged to immediately return to the Seller the purchased fuel injectors.

- The items must be delivered to the Seller within 14 days of the date of withdrawal from the purchase contract.

- The Buyer takes note that in the event of withdrawal from the purchase contract, he/she will bear the expense of sending the fuel injectors to the Seller.

e) In case of withdrawal from the Buyer's contract, the Seller undertakes the obligation of refunding the Buyer.

- Funds will be returned to the Buyer in the same way they were delivered to the Seller.

- The Seller undertakes the obligation of returning the funds to the Buyer within 14 days from the date of delivery of the withdrawal from the purchase agreement, provided that fuel injectors are returned or delivered to the Seller by the Buyer.

- The Seller is not obliged to return the funds to the Buyer before the fuel injectors are returned or at least a proof of send is sent to the shipping company.

f) In the event of damage or defects occurring on the fuel injectors, the Seller is entitled to proportionally reduce the amount of money to be returned to the Buyer.

g) Similarly, the Seller is likewise entitled to withdraw from the sales contract as long as the Buyer has taken over the fuel injectors.

In the event of withdrawal from the sales contract by the Seller under (g), the latter is obligated to immediately return the funds received from the Buyer.


6) Fuel Injectors Delivery

a) The Seller is obliged to deliver the fuel injectors to the address mentioned by the Buyer in the order form.

b) The Seller also offers international shipping on all available fuel injectors.

c) The Buyer has the obligation to accept the order at the destination stated in the order form.

d) If the Buyer fails to receive the fuel injectors, these will be returned to the Seller and subsequently re-delivered. The Buyer acknowledges that he or she is fully responsible for the cost of re-delivering the fuel injectors.

e) Upon receiving a shipment, the Buyer is required to check the integrity of the package and of its contents.

i. In the event that the Buyer identifies any damage to the packaging, he must immediately report this to the carrier.

ii. If the Buyer receives the shipment in a condition which indicates that an unauthorized intrusion may have occurred, he/she is not obliged to ccept the delivery from the carrier.


7) Rights of Defective Performance

a) Rights and obligations of defective performance are governed by applicable consumer protection legislation.

b) The Seller is particularly responsible for the fact that the fuel injectors are free of any defects which could jeopardize the rights of the Buyer at the time of the dispatch of the delivery.

c) The Seller is also responsible for the fact that the delivered fuel injectors correspond to the condition stated in the tender as well as to the given description provided online.


8) Other Rights and Obligations

a) Under this provision, buyers acquire ownership rights to fuel injectors as soon as they reimburse the amount of money agreed in the purchase contract and therefore acquire the fuel injectors.

b) Any complaints regarding the delivery may be sent to the Seller via electronic communication. The Seller is thus obliged to send the Buyer information on the handling of his complaint, also via electronic communication through our eshop.

Order Cancellation Form - Template

If you wish to cancel your order, please fill out this form and send it to our address.

- We hereby cancel the order to purchase the following goods (*) of these services:

- Ordered/Delivered

- Customer Name

- Customer Address

- Customer Signature ( only for paper version)

- Date

(*) Delete as appropriate


9) Buyer's Personal Data Protection

a) The Seller undertakes to protect and process the Buyer's personal data in accordance with the applicable Great Britain and EU legislation in this respect.

b) The Seller furthermore undertakes to place on his website injectec.co.uk an information document informing the Buyer about the acquisition, protection and processing of the Buyer's personal data.

c) The Buyer agrees to provide personal information for the execution of the order and purchase agreement.

d) The Seller agrees that the acquired personal data will be used by the Buyer exclusively for the execution of the order and conclusion of the purchase contract.

e) The consent for the processing of personal data may be revoked at any time by the Buyer.


10) Business Communication

a) In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) i.o. Injector does not send any commercial communications to customers, prospective customers or registered users.


11) Final Provisions of GTC

a) In the event of a situation not covered by the current General Terms and Conditions, Injector will operate modifications and its solution is governed by the valid legal regulations of the EU.

b) If the purchase contract is concluded at an international level, the Buyer acknowledges that under these circumstances the conclusion of the purchase contract, withdrawal from the purchase contract, etc., shall be settled according to the valid legal regulations of the EU.

c) The Seller agrees to make publicly available the current version of the General Terms and Conditions and the Information Text for the Protection and Processing of Personal Data on the website injectec.co.uk


12) Limitation of Liability

12.1 Under these conditions, no regulation excludes or limits our liability for death or injury due to our negligence.

12.2 Under Rule 12.1, we cannot be held liable for any consequential (indirect), special or criminal loss, damage, cost or expense, namely loss of data caused by the product, loss of profit, loss of income; waste of time or leisure time.

12.3 We cannot be held responsible for damages caused by improper installation or installation of the product that are caused by not carrying out the given instructions, neglect of maintenance or misuse.

12.4 We accept liability only for goods that are manifestly defective due to our negligence. Our liability is excluded if the damage is caused by a third person, such as the manufacturer of the goods supplied, and may be preferentially demanded by him or his insurer.

12.5 We will not be held responsible for any failure to perform any of our duties caused by special emergency situations ( natural catastrophe, natural disaster, strike). Our total liability will not exceed 100% of the price payable for the goods delivered due to one or more events (except for death or injury of persons, see 12.1).


13) Shipping

All shipments are insured. In the event of a loss of the shipment caused by the carrier, you will be given a new shipment based on your order, on an available delivery date, with no additional charge.



We offer insured delivery worldwide. Shipping to United Kingdom is free.

If you use card payment, no additional fees will be charged.

For deliveries to any country in the world, it usually takes 3-5 business days.


14) Ecology - Wastes

We strive to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment

a.) Reflow injections are dispatched in the package which was previously used for sending your old injections to us.

b.) The packaging used by the Buyer to send the injectors for reparations will be used to send the repair injectors to you.

You can also send or order pickup for your unusable injectors at any time and we will take care of their further recycling.


These Terms and Conditions become effective on 31.12.2020